Founded in 2007, Millennium International is a Bahrain-based company specialized in creating business opportunities between the Middle East and the World with offices in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Our core businesses focus on supporting and partnering with leading multinational companies by facilitating accelerated market entry in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and the Middle East (ME), in particular Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Millennium International provides customized solutions to companies seeking assistance in identifying the most appropriate local partners and business opportunities in the ME countries and by providing them long-term relationships with key decision-makers, and an unrivalled network of business entities throughout the Middle East.

Our local market knowledge, navigational expertise and strategic partnerships are winning solutions for scaling businesses into the GCC and the ME countries, minimizing years of potential "downtime" and costly errors.

In conclusion, the methodology applied by Millennium International reflects professional excellence, industry expertise and client commitment. The nature of every transaction is highly complex and unique. As such, Millennium International is engaged in analyzing client objectives and making recommendations, where needed, in order to improve the potential for success. Our ability to meet customers' individual demands is of paramount concern and we are focused on providing our valued clients with an all-round professional service that takes into account their own specific needs and ideas.

Millennium International and its sister companies support multidisciplinary multinational firms to expand in the Middle East, a highly liquid marketplace estimated at over four (4) trillion USD with a combined population of approximately 40 million. Client-driven requirements in the Middle East now center on performance and institutional pedigree, as well as strong, culturally-sensitive relationships. Millennium International has spent many years successfully providing strategic advice and support. Millennium International partners have the experience and knowledge of the culture, language and nuances needed to successfully conduct business in this region. As a result, Millennium International is uniquely positioned to support market entry and management in this opaque and fragmented environment by originating and developing great business opportunities.

Based in Bahrain, Millennium International maintains a physical presence in the ME through its Al Khobar (KSA) and Al Basra (Iraq) offices. This 'foot on the ground' enables Millennium International to better assess changes in the market, corporate cultures, identify before others business opportunities, and to maintain special relationships with key decision makers in order to seize new investment mandates throughout the region.

Expanding a firm into the ME and / or securing big contracts for them creates a unique opportunity to further build a company's Brand awareness and demonstrate its unique know-how and develop its client base. Millennium's team has a deep understanding of the requirements of this market and provides ongoing guidance and support across all business sectors.

The five-to-ten year learning curve required to enter this region without having acquired the skills, knowledge and trusted relationships necessary to drive decision making in this opaque geopolitical environment, results in prohibitive cost and exposure. Millennium International's partners possess honed diplomatic skills, local country knowledge, and enviable relationships with rulers, governors, ministers, and business leaders which greatly augment and accelerate ME market penetration.