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The “barriers to entry” in this opaque marketplace would typically require a significant resource commitment to become a well branded, trusted, appreciated and acceptable business or service provider. Millennium International’s joint ventures and partnerships in addition to the regional knowledge and networks enable clients to save significant time and costs associated with market entry and penetration. Millennium International is helping Multinational and well established groups to penetrate successfully challenging but highly lucrative markets

Typical business opportunities created by Millennium International thanks to its joint ventures and partnership within the region include the introduction of Global Groups specialized in the below fields:

  • Oil drilling
  • Oil Piping
  • Oil Equipments
  • Oil Services
  • General Contracting
  • Infrastructure
  • Real Estates
  • Freight
  • Landscaping
  • Safety
  • Telecom
  • Medical Equipment
  • IT
  • Trading
  • Retail
  • Distribution

As increased globalization and liberalization of financial services occurs, regional financial entities are becoming increasingly vulnerable. New strategic alignments are emerging and the only realistic solution for firms to capture significant GCC market share requires commitment, drive and continuous management of this lucrative environment.

  • Trusted, long term relationships continues to drive decision making
  • Client considerations now include requirements such as access to newly emerging markets – liquidity – transparency and complexity – product suitability as well as investment constraints – legal – religious – risk, etc.
  • But more competitive, risk adjusted performance demands are growing
  • Strategic alignments with “best of breed” business providers has become “the model of choice”


In support of its activities, Millennium International and its strategic joint ventures and partnerships in the ME provide clients with the cross border expertise and strategic advice and support needed to improve direct access to the GCC market. Millennium International shares proprietary knowledge and contacts throughout the GCC, commits resources to supervising the development and tailoring of business opportunities and services and would be able and willing to enter into a long-term relationship as a "Country or ME Representative."

Millennium International has a proven track record of helping alternative investment providers achieve strong, measurable business impact. Disciplined, fact-based analysis, systems, creative problem solving and appropriate advice is provided by Millennium International and its partners.

  • Unrivalled network of strategic partners
  • Commitment to long-term partnerships
  • Top management perspective, policies, and constraints
  • Demystification of complex geopolitical, cultural, and investment environment.
  • Minimization of legal, political and regulatory risk


Many Millennium International clients desire increased market share and a defined presence in niche geographic areas. Access to private and public sector leaders and specialists in targeted regions allows Millennium International clients to tap into resources and intelligence that they would normally find unavailable. These capabilities are crucial to formulating strategic business and alignment initiatives that have an immediate impact on cross-border market entry.

Millennium International strategic services includes:

  • New business creation and development.
  • Intelligence gathering.
  • Continuous monitoring and ongoing communication.
  • Pre-alignment leadership and post-alignment integration.
  • Due diligence.
  • Top management assessments.
  • Culture evaluation.


Millennium International is committed to providing genuine competitive advantage through:

  • Long-term relationships with key decision-makers.
  • An unrivalled network for business opportunities between the Middle East, Latin America, Canada, China and other targeted markets.
  • Deep knowledge of targeted countries and access to projects
  • Quiet politics and lobbying.
  • Cultural and language familiarity.
  • A proven record of success.

In conclusion, our growth and profitability has been achieved through innovation, technical enhancement, attention to customers' requirements and a flexible approach to the different needs of the international markets.