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22.09.2010 Holeys- For Feet You Care About

Shoes which are stylish, fun, good for the feet and Work with our climate. Sounds too good to be true? Not any longer. Holeys just arrived in Bahrain."

In 2002, in Vancouver, Holeys was born. Holeys, for the uninitiated, are iconic neon-bright foam clogs and shoes with holes. And they are coming to Bahrain. Children everywhere will be seduced by the Critters by Holeys clogs. Shoes for children up to the age of eight, which are fun, stylish and care for their feet are hard to come by. Somehow Critters Footwear, by Holeys, manages to incorporate all these criteria.

These are shoes which work really hard to make sure that children's growing feet are protected and safe. Smart Cel memory foam makes them ultra comfortable and hard wearing for active children. The Sole-tek Anti Slip Thermo Rubber Sole gives great grip, and ensures your children can be as lively as they like without risk of slipping over or twisting an ankle. Secure heel straps will keep the Critters firmly attached to their feet, and as they are removable can be mixed and Matched with different colours and styles. Adventurous children's feet will be well protected from sand and rocks, whilst built-in arch and tarsal support ensures your children maintain good posture at all times. Stinky feet are a thing of the past as the shoe materials are antimicrobial and odour resistant, and the most important feature as far as children are concerned is that these revolutionary shoes come in a range of cool, funky colours.

For a climate like Bahrain's, these shoes are ideal. Available in a closed or open style, but raised at the ends to ensure toes and heels can't get stubbed, these shoes can be worn in water, on rocks, in sand, in the playground, and will provide complete protection to children's delicate growing feet. They allow the foot to breathe, and unlike leather shoes which need time to break in, Holeys clogs feel roomy, comfortable and supportive from the moment they are slipped on. And they will remain that way for their life-span.

Holeys shoes were designed for active people - water sports and outdoors enthusiasts, chefs, nurses and retail workers. Consequentially, the Critters range for children is hard wearing, and ultra comfortable. They are easy to wash when they get grubby, can even be thrown in the washing machine on a cold wash, and best of all, if they are used in the sea will float to the top if they come off

Holeys shoes are available in Wave-Pro, located in the Wahooo aqua park, City Centre, Bahrain Duty Free and in a Kiosk in the Bahrain City Centre.

Source: Bahrain Confidential