In the South of France, Esteban has created over nearly a 30 years a rare olfactory midway between Mediterranean civilization and Japanese refinement.

Our love of perfumes and our passion for travels have produced collections imbued with poetry for the bath and the home, their unique fragrances a combination of escapism and well being.

Reflecting our expertise, our products, developed for high quality standards and environmentally friendly, appeal to the eye while bewitching the senses, the ideal accessories for all interiors.

Our perfumed creation have always expressed themselves in perfect harmony with our emotions:

Esteban and the art of Perfume

Eau de toilette, to offer you a fragrance true to your image, both unique and generous.

Perfumes for greater well-being that embrace your skin with a delicate touch while taking a bath.

Perfumes for the home, welcoming and original, for sharing moments of happiness and joy.

We design our perfumes with the help of well-known creative perfumers before adapting them to our different product to ensure they faithfully reveal the refined essence of fragrance composition.

Discover a fragrance

Each fragrance tells a story declined in three movements

Lead notes: immediately the most volatile notes, a moment which lasts only a few minutes

Then the fragrance organizes itself around a sustained harmony, the heart of the perfume.

Finally the most persisting note will constitute the base of the perfume.

Perfumed gestures

To satisfy every desire, each perfume is tailored to the different products, corresponding to different perfumed gesture......

Gestures for oneself : Fly on the heady fragrance of a perfume nestling in the hollow of a shoulder,enjoy the invigorating benefits of a massage, relax in a voluptuous bubble bath.....

Gestures for one's home: Slide a scented sachet into a drawer, refresh the perfume in one of our ceramic perfume dispenser, light a scented candle, invent new rituals......