Always skip on the Critters side of life

Full of character, cute, colourful& practical, this new clog is all the buzz. With the Critters gang embossed into the design, kids will love hopping around on their own adventures with the Critters. We never had this much fun growing up!


  • Sole-tek: Holeys’ slip resistant thermo rubber sole for increased stability and durability
  • SmartCel: Holeys’ unique formula memory foam which provides more comfort, improved support and resiliency
  • Built in arch & tarsal support
  • Massaging footbed
  • Antimicrobial and odour resistant
  • Secure heelstrap or flip forward for easy slip on
  • Better protection from rocks & sand

Available Colors :

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XP2 Open/close
Getaway Open/close
Gateway Kids Open/close
Drifters Open/close
Critters Open/close
Eclipse Open/close

Please note that Holeys is also available at The Lost Paradise of Dilmun, Shoe citi and Wavepro.

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