HUSH.HUSH is a "powerhouse" in the design, manufacture, retail and export of HUSH.HUSH branded children's shoes.

HUSH.HUSH started out in 1999 as a manufacturer and wholesaler of children shoes.

In 2001, 3 brands has been launched:

1) Hush Hush Babies walk unlimited

2) Hush Hush walk unlimited

3) Hush Sports

Since 2001, HUSH.HUSH is working to develop tailor made shoes for boys-and girls, from their first steps until the age of 14.

HUSH.HUSH develops over 250 new models every season, to benefit customers in 21 countries.

Inspired by the power of design and quality, HUSH.HUSH has launched the objective of developing a 5-tier concept of children's footwear:

Design and Aesthetics

  • Quality, Comfort and Fit
  • Affordability (best ratio price/quality)
  • Variety
  • Monobranded children's shoe shops

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