LAMPE BERGER, is in the air....and that changes everything.

Surround yourself with more pleasant air, only LAMPE BERGER can offer you this for a greater well-being.

The Bright idea came to Maurice Berger, an apothecary, who in 1898 took out the first patent for an air purification system designed to purify the air in the hospital wards. So in 1898, the first Lampe Berger was produced. The results were astonishing, the proliferation of bacteria in the air was halted, the air was purified, and bad odors were destroyed. Then the next brilliant idea was to add fragrance to the lamp.

The LAMPE BERGER became an object of pleasure, of decoration...even a collector's item. Since then, it became well known for it unmatched effectiveness in purifying air, as well as for the variety of its design and its collections. Working in crystal, porcelain, porcelain de Limoges, earthenware and other materials, the artisans have created an amazingly wide range of design for the oldest and finest aromatic diffuser.

How does a Lampe Berger purify the air?? Its catalytic burner , the Air Pure System 3C destroys 68% of the bacteria contained in the air. The bactericidal effect last up to 8 hours if the room is not contaminated once again from outside. It destroys odor of tobacco, cooking and other domestic pollution.

The Molecules of the air passing close to the burner are destroyed by two phenomena

  • Cracking , which breaks up these molecules into smaller molecules
  • Catalytic oxidation which prevents them from recombining.

That is where the Lampe Berger distinguishes itself from all other products that mask odors but fail to destroy them. Moreover Lampe Berger subtly perfumes your surroundings with a range of over 50 different fragrances.

The LAMPE BERGER, the art of interior fragrance, has created a perfumed ambiance with field of flowers, woodland reverie so that each home's interior has its own signature. Therefore each time that note goes up in the air of the room and invisible ribbons of your chosen scent are released you feel the power and finesse of that new dimension that you are giving your home, your office ... The air that you breathe becomes purer, healthier yet also more beautiful .... With a range of over 50 fragrances, choose among Amber Dreams, VirginaCederwood, Ocean Breeze, Green Tea, Lavendar Fields, Royal Jasmines, Orange Cinnamon, Vanilla Gourmet, Green Apple, Grapefruit Passion and many more...

Not forgotten our indoor and outdoor anti-mosquito perfume with its pleasant vanilla fragrance. With this product 100% of mosquitoes are eliminated in less than 10 minutes. Moreover 30 minutes use ensures 8 hours protection in a 30 m2 room.

The ingredient in the "Parfums de Maison" is subject to specific internal standards which are stricter than those required by the European and American pharmacopoeia and by IFRA (International Fragrance Association). LAMPE BERGER undertakes only to diffuse into the air completely controlled substances, So an independent laboratory systematically performs tests which guarantees the absence of benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, xylene and also styrene, naphthalene, formaldehyde and acetaldehyde during diffusion.

Only the combination of LAMPE BERGER Parfums de Maison and the Air Pur System 3C guarantees quality and safety when perfuming your home.

Lampe Berger is also a unique and original idea of gifts for friends and corporates.

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