"Giving back to the community is also part of our convictions," that's why Millennium International supports local and international charitable initiatives.

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Provide tailor-made services and turnkey solutions for our clients and investors, steering them to the best outcome in the real estate market.

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At Millennium International, our proactive philosophy pushes us to anticipate the diverse needs of our international clientele. We pride ourselves on understanding the nuanced expectations of a multicultural audience, adapting our approach to exceed their aspirations. Our unique methodology allows us to offer turnkey solutions that not only meet but anticipate the most sophisticated tastes and requirements. We proactively seek out properties, investment opportunities that transcend borders, providing a seamless experience that matches our clients' global lifestyles and needs. We go even further thanks to the property rentals as well as the technical management of properties that we put at the service of our customers wishing to have a professionals maintaining and monitoring their property. Our commitment to foresight, personalized service and tailored solutions defines our commitment to exceeding expectations, every step of the way.

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We listen attentively to every unique inquiry & customize solutions accordingly.



We Share openly to inspire trust and encourage collaboration in total transparency



We tirelessly focus on creating opportunities exceeding our clients' expectations by offering exciting solutions and optimal results.



We approach and address our customers' challenges with empathy, enthusiasm and diligence, building long-term business relationships, connecting the right people, capital and opportunities.



We proactively give all resources and time to answer our clients' needs through all the process, and support them until mission is successfully fulfilled.



No individual, business or customer is greater than our commitment to work ethics.

Our vision is to become a leading and recognized agency in international real estate investment.

The Founders

Founder & President of Millennium International
Rodolphe Melki
Founder & President of Millennium International

With a visionary approach and in-depth understanding of international real estate, Rodolphe Melki leads the Group's strategic initiatives in the residential and commercial sectors in France and the Middle East.
Renowned for his ability to cultivate strong ties and strategic connections primarily with investors in the Middle East and North Africa, Rodolphe Melki specializes in orchestrating seamless cross-border transactions. His expertise enables clients to strategically capitalize on global real estate opportunities, navigating diverse markets with finesse.
He embodies a commitment to excellence, fostering lasting relationships and steering Millennium International towards pioneering global real estate solutions.

Phone Number: +33 7 66 62 22 66
Email: r.melki@millennium-intl.com
Partner at Millennium International
Aline Kheiralla
Partner at Millennium International

Co-founded Millennium International in 2022 with two real estate expert partners, with the objective to establish MI as one of the global leaders in the real estate industry. With over 25 years of hands-on experience, Aline Kheiralla's expertise extends to strategic marketing, sales, and property management. Aline actively participated in real estate business development initiatives, across the MENA region. Over the years, she achieved numerous milestones, fostering successful relationships with developers and clients, both locally and internationally, contributing significantly to the field of real estate.

Phone Number: +33 6 67 38 44 67
Email: aline.k@millennium-intl.com
Partner at Millennium International
Carla Touma
Partner at Millennium International

Co-founder of Millennium International, Carla Touma is a seasoned professional in residential real estate, leveraging over a decade of experience as a female business partner in a leading agency. Her expertise spans navigating the intricacies of the market to ensure successful transactions. With a unique edge in residential technical support, Carla provides comprehensive assistance, combining her in-depth knowledge of property nuances with unparalleled client service, ensuring seamless experiences from purchase to post-sale support.

Phone Number: +33 6 03 39 44 48
Email: carla.touma@millennium-intl.com